Exhume, Behold, Defenestrate

by A Human Costume

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Steverino slam zombie slam Favorite track: The Kavorka.
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A brutal journey through the cycles of life and unlife, "Exhume, Behold, Defenestrate" explores metal around zombies, the paranormal, serial killers, viruses from outer space, Greek mythology, and more.


released May 20, 2014

Tim Knapton - Vocals
Klaus Erian - Guitar
Logan Williams - Guitar
Matt Hardock - Bass
Rob Watkins - Drums



all rights reserved


A Human Costume San Jose, California

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Track Name: Whiteboy High Five
Looming darkness in the air
consuming thousand-mile stare
the undead are closing closer
(funny, this is my nightmare)
Hulking. Leering. Lurching. Innumerous.

Become what you fear most
Lay waste the survivors
I'm still alive: Whiteboy high five

I guess I'll just grin and bear it
just like their features froze
This scene seems quite the party
and I've reached new lows
A new era: humanity belied
Some say we're undeserving
I'd say I'm first in line

Black eyes open, breathing plague,
rising from this recent grave
Reveling, reanimated:
This party's here to fucking stay.
Hulking. Leering. Lurching. Unstoppable.

Oh. My. God.
Howling masses, evil fueled by moonlight!
Tremble, weakling! I will lead their ranks!
We'll light this planet ablaze
and bring the blackest end of days
Oh. My. God. What has happened to me?
This life propels indefinitely.
Track Name: Dissecting Henry
Chief of sin, the doctor's in, collecting bone, dissolving skin
procedures now begin covertly.
Prepared anesthetic: Chloroform (sublethal dose)
Physician: Demonic
Agenda: Grandiose

Silence, the sacrifice confined
Amidst the city's madness, an enclosure labyrinthine
Triumph of medicine befouled
commence the process with the turning of the valve

Waning patience, the hour nears
Unsuspecting victims' heartbeats linger in his ears
An end conferred on Sixty-Third
Picked clean, the carcass
white as ivory, bleached pale
finely articulated, iridescent, fit for sale
Cadavers, a livelihood is made
harvesting the treasures 'neath the shining scalpel's blade
Murder assembled for display
while racing to the bank, laughing all the way

With this foul business in the past, he can begin anew
Deadly practitioner, pioneer of craft abhorred
making a killing, as profits soar
Track Name: Chill Beats
Years spent in anticipation, looking fondly for this day
they find themselves in admiration of a sick charade
(The flickers of cruelty seem so distant)
Out of the frying pan, into the fire
“'Til Death do us part!”
The wretched act has taken place
a smile spreads across her face
while observing the life fading from his
Track Name: Axe Attack
It's an unfamiliar feeling, casual psychopathy
I know they'd still be breathing, if they only let me be
“This is no way to live your life.”
This is no way to live your life
My hopes. My dreams. Distorted
The days cascading into years
this blackened mind begins to reel
I'd sell my soul to end this now

Bloodshed? Make mine a double
This place? Reduced to rubble
Forget your human troubles and fan the flame!
The horror. The gnashing. This weight to comprehend!
Pushed forward, brain-bashing!
The candle burns both ends.
What could fail?

I've got my orders, nothing but time to kill
Witness their broken bodies. I've sent them all to hell
"This is last call."
Right. Another round, then

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

A welcome respite: the ice
eternity could not suffice
Drifting consciousness: Alive,
and so I wait
Devoured! Enraptured!
History repeats itself again!
Track Name: Remnants
The tow'ring blaze is rising
through ashen-blackened skies
Carnage and screams united
Unholiest reprise

Contorted, hollow shells
Rotting thousands pile beneath
All my former selves
Their effigy lays incomplete

Fixation on this endless, unyielding tomb
Trial so polarizing, compelled to be consumed
Then when does this affliction end?

Awoken to a life before the nightmares of my final breath
Repeating now forevermore the binary attempt

I choose "continue":
Hour by hour, limb by limb
the vessel may die but I won't give in

Being ripped to shreds
That familiar, cold embrace
Add another to the dead
On which this curse is placed

Indifferently discarded, mounting numbers multiply
Each empty visage an artifact of it and I

What constitutes the human spirit?
What lies beyond the blood and bone?
Answers encrypted beneath our understanding
Some things are better left unknown

This endless torment
This unbounded grave
This grand design
Built to enslave

We’re bore of the same evil
Track Name: There's Ghosts in There
Track Name: The Kavorka
These laboratory walls no longer shall impede
With nowhere left to hide
tonight's proceedings must proceed

Dawning purpose: The pathogen to span
Coerced onward, we'll end as we began: infection

Cast from death's peaceful embrace to walk the earth again
Acting as a vessel for unraveling the end
Wipe out a population which can never comprehend
so far beyond the limitations of all mortal men

Adept. Silent. Fatal. Faceless.

Biology twisted beyond all recognition
welcome the father of disease
In this wake, all will rot

Arcane in origin, exact in all detail
Global executioner, molecular in scale
Ever evolving, evading cure
Reconfiguring the sequence, slaying countless more
We will fall

Name of infamy unleashed upon
a planet thirsting for contagion

Never before has science seen such elegance obscured by desperation
A frantic search for hope, beneath the microscope
destined for futility

We hear not the beckoning of pestilence into our fetid graves
Filth-ridden aura encapsulates

Malignant tarnish concluding history
linked by an omnipresent thread

This spells the end for us
We crumble away, beginning tonight
Track Name: Descent
There is no concept of final,
your journey's just begun
Hear the wailing of your brethren
soon you'll join that desolate cacophony

No use refusing, I insist
Your grievous protests have been spoke
The face of knowing hell exists,
I so enjoy my work

I've witnessed every generation of your kind
bargain, scheme, and make excuses
as in life, the same revolting spectacle

And the river flows with blood
One must acknowledge fate
Through life you have been judged as treacherous

Dragged onward through oblivion
Soon to arrive upon the shore
This void reviled by ancient tongues
Your fate now rests within
From the gallows your type arrive
reckoning truth in every wave
no mortal mind could ever contrive
what now awaits beyond the grave
Released from earthly time and space
received in sanguine ebb and flow
afloat in the blackness
No grandeur to admire and praise
only my wicked smile aglow
as the laughter of Phlegethon roars

Retribution! Condemned to aeons writhing in fire
Terminal judgement: Tartarus awaits
Agent of Hades' control
Behest of my master to ferry their souls
I feed on the fear, calmly careening
through thousands of years

Down, forgotten, foregone
Hereafter cast aflame
yet I must travel on (There are others to claim!)
Voyage escaping none
Fate's threads already spun
As it is written, it shall be done